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To value and respect everyone in our school, in our community, and globally

  • Positivity
  • Resilience
  • Opportunities
  • Understanding
  • Determination

Late/Absence Procedures

Regular attendance at school is vital to your child’s education. If your child is absent from school, please telephone, call into the office or send a written note in explanation of the absence. We operate a 1st day of absence procedure, and school will ring or text you if we do not hear from you. 


As you may be aware, changes were made by the Government to holiday request at the beginning of September 2013. Requests for ‘leave of absence’ need to be made on forms available from Ms Lumb.


From September 2019, fines will be in place for parents taking their children on holiday within school term time. This is a procedure adopted by Nottinghamshire County Council. All penalty finances go to the County Council not the school. Should you feel that there are exceptional circumstances surrounding your request for leave of absence, please ensure you include these in the 'leave of absence' form which is available from Ms Lumb.  The requests are discussed by Ms Lumb with a member of our Governing Body to decide whether they are deemed to be exceptional or are classed as unauthorised. The decision will be made on a case by case basis.  However, please note no leave of absence will be authorised in September or May, or if the absence will take the child's attendance percentage below 95%. This is in line with all primary schools in Worksop.


We work alongside Early Help Team so if your child’s attendance is a cause for concern we will make a referral to them.


We keep the Register open for 15 minutes after the start of the school day. If your child arrives after this they will receive a late mark. Persistent lateness will result in the involvement of Targeted Support Service.


Our aim is to have no unauthorised absences.


If your child is taken ill at school we will make every effort to get in touch with you. It is therefore vital that we have up-to-date contact numbers.  We must also have at least two emergency contacts on file for your child.  This is in line with the Keeping Children Safe in Education Regulations.


Certificates are presented weekly to the class with best attendance. We also reward improvements in attendance, and follow up any ‘lates’, as well as children with more than the usual level of non-attendance. 100% attendance certificates are presented termly to individuals, and their names are put up on our roll of honour. At the end of the year children with 100% attendance will receive a certificate as well as a ‘special treat’.