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Swimming Safety

Swimming is a compulsory element of the national curriculum for physical education at key stage 2 level. Learning to swim is an important and rewarding life skill, helping them to gain confidence and become competent in and around water, with additional benefits such as coordination, team working, and social skills along side essential health benefits.




As a school we have a duty of care and responsibility for your child’s welfare and using leisure facilities away from the school carries separate obligations. We therefore ask the following:


Jewellery and Swimwear


 In the interest of safety to your child and others please do not send your child to school wearing jewellery on a swimming day, jewellery can be torn out, swallowed and catch fittings below the water or scratch others. Staff will not be responsible for looking after personal items or the removal of any such jewellery.


If it is not possible to remove jewellery, the individual concerned may not take part in the lesson except where religious practices are concerned where needs are met accordingly.


In the interest of safety and hygiene swimwear should be as follows:


Girls Swimwear – one piece costume


Boys Swimwear – Swimming trunks or tight fitted swimming shorts.




The LA strongly discourages the use of goggles during swimming lessons. The role of Schools Swimming is to ensure a child’s safety in water, if a child became reliant on goggles, if they fell into water this could create added danger and as such they are not considered necessary. There is also risk to they eyeball if not fitted properly. If there is a medical reason for your child to use goggles a letter needs to be sent into school.


Medical Conditions


The school must be advised of children known to be suffering from any medical problem which may cause difficulty in the water. Examples of such would be hearing or sight impairments, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes and allergies.


Observer’s Role


The School needs your help as an extra pair of eyes in the pool area. If you are able to spare an hour of your time and are able to recognise and respond to a pupil in difficulty please talk to your school as the lessons cannot go ahead with out assistance. Guidance is available.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school with your questions.