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To value and respect everyone in our school, in our community, and globally

  • Positivity
  • Resilience
  • Opportunities
  • Understanding
  • Determination


Stone Age day

Stone Age Day - Food tasting

The children had the opportunity to try some foods which would have been available in the Stone Age including Stewed fruit, sunflower seeds, eggs, oatcakes and honeycomb honey. Some tasted better than others!

Soap Knapping

The children learnt about resilience and determination through trying to carve a Stone age tool from a bar of soap. It was very tricky and difficult, but they persevered and created some lovely carvings.

Science - Sorting rocks and Stones according to their properties

The children worked in groups to classify rocks and stones according to their common properties. They learnt how to use a venn diagram in order to classify correctly.