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To value and respect everyone in our school, in our community, and globally

  • Positivity
  • Resilience
  • Opportunities
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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 page!

We use this section of the website to share what we are doing in the classroom and at home. Scroll down to see more...

The Gallery

Year 4 have had a special BOOK WEEK (not just a Book day) and have completed many tasks to celebrate books and reading. Look out for pictures of Mr Stink, Wanted posters for the Highway Rat, Shelter designs linked to the book: The Explorers, creative book marks, potato book characters and more... Today we dressed up and took photos of ourselves reading in unusual places!

Year 4 have been thinking of different ways to teach other children about keeping themselves safe online. They have sent in posters, videos, information packs and interactive quizes. Please take a look below...

Click on the links below for some fabulous videos on online safety

Still image for this video

Learn more about keeping passwords safe...

Still image for this video

.....and keeping yourself safe online....

Still image for this video

Now test yourself on internet safety by going on Daniel's interactive quiz! Can you get all the answers right? If not, turn to Ciran's information pack to learn more...

ERUPTING VOLCANOES !! Year 4 had a go at making an erupting volcano using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Here are some of the examples that were sent in...

Year 4 have had a screen free afternoon. The challenge was "Using whatever you have in your kitchen, can you make an animal ?" Look at these AMAZING creations and see if you can work out what animal they have gone for!

We have been learning the difference between acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles. Here is a different way to represent the different angles - made by one of our own Year 4s!!

Still image for this video

We have been learning about Sound in Science. Daniel wanted to extend his learning to explain about pitch with different musical instruments. Click on the link below to see his PowerPoint presentation

It's been snowing in Worksop and you guys have been very active outside!!! Here is a chance for you to see your friends - virtually - and see all the snowmen, snowballs and sledging photos...

January 2021

To our lovely Year 4s

We're so sorry that we weren't able to say a proper bye bye before going into National Lockdown but we will be in contact every week to check that you are OK. We are incredibly impressed with all the remote learning that has been taking place already and we love the photos of work that you have emailed in to the Year 4 address.

All the remote learning is within the remote section of the school website. Go to:

The purple "CHILDREN" tab




(There is a direct link below if you want to click on)

If you have any queries or concerns about remote learning, just write us an email and we'll be in touch with you as soon as we can. Speak to you soon.

Lots of love from Mrs Ferullo and Mrs Cartwright x x


This week was our final week for homework and you have continued to amaze us! Here is the final homework showcase of 2020!

Week beginning 7th December 2020

Christmas is starting in earnest this week as we work on a Nativity project. More details to follow... 


Click to watch Noah's song!

Still image for this video

Friday 20th November - Look at this week's amazing work on food, teeth and digestion. The egg experiment seems to be a favourite this week where you have been testing out different drinks on egg shells to see what can happen to our teeth! We are learning lots of science facts...

We have had a wonderful day taking part in 'Children in Need- Five to Thrive' activities...

This week we have been thinking about all the ways we keep our bodies physically and mentally healthy!! Please have a look and see if you want to try some yourselves. We will keep adding examples as the children send in photos....

Pavinya's Bharathanadiya dance video that keeps her physically and mentally fit and healthy

Still image for this video

Well done year 4 this is your showcase from the final week of the first half of Autumn term...

Amazing homework videos

Still image for this video

Poppy video.MP4

Still image for this video

Video (1).mov

Still image for this video

Video (4).mov

Still image for this video

Harriet's Viking Gods News report

Still image for this video

Elliot's Viking song!

Still image for this video

Friday 3rd July - Our Dazzling DT Showcase!

You have gone from stunning us with your reading challenges to amazing us with your design and technology skills! The challenge this week was to incorporate an element of sewing. We have had toy jellyfish, starfish and many other sea creatures. We have also seen you as interior designers and we have a costume designer this week (look out for Tilly's Sea Ghost costume below). As always, we have created a showcase slideshow - enjoy!

Year 4's Reading Challenge 

Lockdown 2020


WOWEE Year 4!! What stunning entries we've had this week! We have had 150 photos sent for the reading challenge with most people managing to reach the target of 10 and two Year 4s completing ALL 20!!

Well done for all your creativity in finding interesting books to read, unusual places to read them and sharing your reading experiences with your lovely families! Please look at the showcase slideshow and spot YOUR entries...

Prizes will be awarded soon!

D&T - Under the sea with Year 4

Created using Video Star:

A message from Year 4

Fan video of "IMG_2926" Created using Video Star:


Friday 19th June - We are thinking about what WE can do for ocean conservation. Here are some of our ideas and logos...

Our special Friday showcase ! We have been studying the Great Barrier Reef this week and also looking at food chains. Look at what we've come up with...

Have a look at Bradley's video presentation on the Crown of Thorns starfish...

Still image for this video

WB 18th May 2020      Super  Science  week !

Your work just gets better and better!! Thank you for all your creations last week - we were blown away! So many of you managed the ocean in a jar challenge and loads of you researched into weird and wonderful sea creatures, many of them living deep below the water's surface where there is very little light. We have put all the photos that you sent in, in an impressive slideshow (please see below). 

This week is another practical week where we explore how amazing water is. We have found all sorts of experiments (some easy, some more challenging) for you to try out at home - using objects and that you have around the house. Get adult help and enjoy working as a family to impress us with your scientific skills. Remember: we LOVE seeing your videos and photos so email them to us at by Friday 22nd May.

Lots of love, stay safe  Mrs Ferullo, Mrs Cartwright and Mrs Bennett x x x

You are ALL superheroes!!


Thank you to everyone who sent in photos, Word documents, PowerPoints and videos - they were AMAZING and demonstrated to us how brave, positive and innovative you all are!


We saw so many acts of kindness: Bethany is completing a fundraiser for her cousin who has Cystic Fibrosis and is particularly vulnerable during this time. Every day during April, Bethany is running 3Km as her daily exercise to raise money.  We also saw children writing letters to friends and family to send their love and we saw you thinking of genius ways to stay in touch with grandparents. What was lovely to see was how you were all looking after each other in your houses: looking after Mums and Dads, helping with younger brothers and sisters and looking after your pets. Many of your family members had been your 'sidekicks' so keep looking after them! 


You guys are messy and noisy!  We loved seeing all the creations you had made: delicious cakes, paintings, chalk drawings, volcanoes - how creative you all are! We also loved to hear (and watch) you guys learning how to play the guitar, the piano and make up your own dance routines to music. Keep sending in those videos! 


Staying energised:  What you made very clear was that you are keeping fit and healthy during this time which is GREAT! We saw bouncing on the trampoline, running, gymnastics in the garden, ball skills, dancing in the house, going for walks with your family, bike rides, paddling pools, rope swings... there is no end to your ideas.


We have managed to put together a slideshow (see above) of some of your photos. For those who sent in videos, we have captured some images from your video - hope that is OK!

Well done to all of you. Stay brave and stay safe!

Lots of love from Mrs Ferullo, Mrs Cartwright and Mrs Bennett x x x