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Year 3

Declan And William Litter Picking This Bank Holiday Weekend!

Phonics and Tree identification.

Week commencing 4th May 2021

Hello Year 3!

Summer Term has arrived. 

We hope you have a had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!

Our Topic of Trees was kicked off by looking and delving into the story of the Lorax by Dr Suess.


Maths lessons will solely be about column method. We will be looking at subtraction all week and on Friday subtraction word problems. We can do this Year 3! 

In English lessons this week we are developing our knowledge and use of inverted commas. We are also writing character descriptions for The Lorax and The Once-ler


Science - We are starting to looking at minibeasts and their habitats.

ICT - We are exploring the responsibility that comes along with the internet.

RSE - We are continuing to look at Healthy eating! 

We are also going to be testing our fitness... 

Thank you to those who continue to use the  Year 3 email.

Have a fabulous week.

From - The Year 3 Team :) 



Week commencing 26th April 2021

Hello and welcome back Year 3!

Summer Term has arrived. 

After a very busy first week back, we would just like to say how proud we are of all of you. You tackled ‘Assessment Week’ like nothing we have ever seen before. 


Our Topic of Trees was kicked off by looking and delving into the story of the Lorax by Dr Suess.

Our afternoons, were filled with wonderful art work of the Truffula Trees and the Lorax. You followed instructions carefully and created the most beautiful pictures. You even turned your hands to making Pom poms that looked like Truffula Trees


On Friday afternoon you ended the week by drawing astronauts as a part of International Day Of Human Space Flight. 


We have got a lot going on this week so sit tight! 

This next week after analysis of assessments, Maths lessons will solely be about column method. We will be looking at addition and subtraction all week and on Friday addition and subtraction word problems. We can do this Year 3! 

In English lessons this week we are looking even further at our story of the Lorax. We are just as excited as you are.


R.E  - Starts this week by looking at Christianity. 

Science - We are starting to look at trees and the properties of trees. 

ICT - We are going to show each other the skills we already know about when it comes to using a computer. 

RSE - Is looking at Healthy eating! 

Thank you to those who continue to use the  Year 3 email.

Have a fabulous week.

From - The Year 3 Team :) 



Week commencing 29th March 2021

Hello Year 3! 


It’s the last week of term!!!

How did we get here so soon? 


Thank you for all your hard work last week.


This upcoming week we have got lots of activities going on. 

 In English lessons we are bringing Grumpycorn to an end this week - NOoOoOoO! Your descriptions and diary entries have blown us away and we can’t wait to see how creative and imaginative you are this week. Who knows what will happen to Grumpycorn, Mermaid, Jellyfish and Narwhal! 


In Maths we are continuing with length and perimeter. On Thursday we are ending to Spring Term with some Easter code breakers and a Mystery to find out who stole the Easter eggs. 


We have got numerous art activities planned in preparation for Easter. 

On Thursday it is the Easter carnival we are looking forward to seeing you all wear your bright Easter coloured clothes.




Week commencing 22nd March 2021
Hello Year Three!

Thank you for all of your hard work last week. 

This week in English lessons we are continuing to explore Grumpycorn - Wahoooo! You have already written some very humorous diary entries and letters. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with this week. 


In Math lessons last week, you analysed statistics and were able to use the relevant information. This week before bringing statistics to a close, you are going to be drawing your own bar charts. On Wednesday, we will start looking at length and perimeter. 

This week we are continuing to look at different types of families and how we can care for the people we love.



On 8th January 2021 a Marvellous Me was sent out to all Year 3 Grown-ups in regards to our ‘Epic!’ Book App. This can be found on our ‘Remote Learning Page’. A HUGE thank you to those who have been using it already, it is a great tool and we can see what books have been read at home. As mentioned last week this App is not to replace school books or a reading diary but to be used as a booster to encourage children to make a choice and discover what books they enjoy. 


Book bands- Book bands books are used for many reasons in school in order to help children with multiple skills attached to reading. This could be comprehension, decoding, expression, prediction, spelling etc. 


Here below is an example of a Year 3 reading comprehension. 


Week commencing 15th March 2021

Wow Year 3!

What an amazing first week back at school altogether. You worked incredibly hard last week and we are SO proud of you. ‘The Boy With The Pink Hair’ display looks absolutely wonderful in our cloakroom area, we could not have done it it without all of your beautiful work.


We hope you have had a lovely Mother’s Day or Sunday however you may have spent it. heart


We are looking forward to another gorgeous week with you all in school. 

This week we will be continuing to explore our story about a lovely little Grumpycorn. We will be starting to look at families and what does the word really mean? How do families look? Are they all the same or different?  In Maths we have moved on from money and we will be looking at statistics and how they can be shown. 


On 8th January 2021 a Marvellous Me was sent out to all Year 3 Grown-ups in regards to our ‘Epic!’ Book App. This can be found on our ‘Remote Learning Page’. Thank you to those who have been using it already, it is a great tool and we can see what books have been read at home. This App is not to replace school books or a reading diary but to be used as a booster to encourage children to make a choice and discover what books they enjoy.


Reminder - If you should need to contact a member of staff for any reason at all, we are available via the Year 3 email -


Kindest Regards,

The Year 3 Team! :)

Welbeck Class With The Pink Hair

Blinding Lights...

Still image for this video

Paper Dragons!

Still image for this video

Year 3 Bubble!

Do you want to build a snowman? 14th January 2021

Goodbye Mr Cox!

Still image for this video

Monday 14th December

Well!  We have finally made it to the last week of term in 2020! 

We can't thank everyone enough for all the amazing pieces of homework that have been sent in to us, we have thoroughly enjoyed looking through them all and creating the weekly showcases.

This week, we will be celebrating these achievements especially for those children who have managed to complete all the homework tasks set and of course, read at home 3x per week.

We are looking forward to having a fun filled and busy last week of term, so get ready to see what the children will be bringing home for you!

Monday 7th December 2020

WOW what an amazing week we've had!

We have been lucky enough to look through some amazing pieces of homework and as usual, it has been the highlight of our week.

This is the last week for you to send in your homework so we can't wait to see what you do.

This week is assessment week so English and Maths are going to be slightly different.

However in the afternoons, we have got some exciting things planned, especially planning and videoing our Class challenge - further details to follow, but just to say we can't wait to show you.


Please remember to read 3 x per week at home because as Dr Seuss said:

The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you'll go!

and that is something we can all aspire to do.

Let's have a great week!


Monday 30th November 2020

We have loved looking through all the homework that has been sent in this week. You really are very creative, and it is a highlight for us all to see what you have been doing at home. Well done and thank you to everyone who has sent work in.

This week we are learning:

Maths: Continuing with strategies for division.

English: Starting a new unit on Instruction writing using How to wash a Woolly Mammoth (linked to our Stone Age topic).

Spellings: cage, age, page, sage, damage, change, village, bulge, strange

Topic: Researching Stone age tools for D&T as you will be learning the art of Soap knapping!


As usual there will be Chris Dukes for Thoresby Class and Yoga for Welbeck Class in the week too.



This is the last week for you to send in your creative Stone Age homework, so we can't wait to see what you do for your final piece.

Remember to keep practising your Beat That maths sheet as beating it, means team points!


Reading three times per week and bringing in your reading planner also means team points, so we are looking forward to another great week in Year 3.

Have fun!

If you want to contact any of the Year 3 team please do contact us at


WOW! How amazing to see all the fantastic homework that has been sent in this week.

We have loved receiving them and seeing how creative you all have been, please keep this up!

Monday 23rd November 2020

This week we are learning:

Maths: Division - sharing out equal amounts 

English: Completing our showcase letter writing and then 3 days of SPaGs lessons focusing on when to use capital letters, and uplevelling sentences.

Topic: Geography based on looking at the landscapes where Stone Age people would have lived and why they chose to live there.

P.E: Thoresby class have Mr Dukes on Friday afternoon

       Welbeck Class have yoga on Thursday afternoon with Julie.



Please remember to:

Bring in your reading diary on Monday so that it can be checked and you can earn a team point if you have read at home.

Read 3 times each week.

Practise the calculations on your Beat that Maths sheet, so that you can beat your score and get a team point.

Complete one of the activities on the creative homework sheet about the Stone Age, ready to be sent in to our year 3 email,

There are lots of team points on offer so have fun this week!



Week Commencing 16th November 2020

We would just like to start by saying a huge thank you for the support all you gave us last week with Remembrance day on Wednesday and Children in Need on Friday. The children were excited to do all their learning based on these two days and they looked fabulous in their non-uniform outfits.

Well, we have been amazed by all the fantastic home work we have received over the last week. There has been some very tricky quizzes sent in for us to answer. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading about what you would take back to the Stone age too as it shows what is important to each of you. We hope you enjoy looking at the showcase powerpoint below.

Thank you to all the adults for sending in the photos of homework tasks completed.

This week in school we are learning:

Maths: It is the start of Multiplication strategies - exciting times tables

English: Continuing with letter writing from the book Dear Dinosaur

Topic: Starting to look at geography skills- map reading and drawing of the local area Creswell Crags!

Please remember to read at home - we aim for 3x per week if possible, as well as practising your Beat that maths sheets.

We can't wait to see what homework is sent in this week!!  

Have fun smiley


Special Mention - Last week, Declan read 28 books. WOW!


Monday 9th November

In school this week, we are learning:

English - A continuation of learning how to write letters using the book Dear Dinosaur.

Maths - The final week on Addition and Subtraction strategies.

Topic - We are starting the Science topic - Skeletons, bones and Muscles.

As well as all of the above, we also have Remembrance Day on Wednesday and Children in Need on Friday, meaning this is going to be a very busy but fun week.


At home we would like you to continue to read, making sure you write in your reading diary when you have read so that we can check it in school every Monday.

Don't forget to practise your Beat That Maths Sheet. as every time you beat your best score you receive a team point!

Also, next weeks creative Stone Age based homework, is due in Monday 16th November.


We are looking forward too having a great week with you all.

The Year 3 team smiley

Welcome back to your second half term of being in Year 3!

We hope you have all enjoyed your half term break and are now feeling ready to start learning about all the exciting topics we have got planned for you.

We would like to remind you of the importance of reading, from changing your book on Friday to bringing in your reading record on a Monday. Remember you get a team point every Monday if you show us you have read at home!

Homework this term is is still topic based with activities on The Stone Age.

Below you will find the weekly hand in dates as well as our Year 3 email address for your grown up to send in photos of your amazing homework.

Hand dates are:

Monday 9th November

Monday 16th November

Monday 23rd November

Monday 30th November

Monday 7th December.

As you will see there is a choice of 8 activities and you will need to complete 5 of them. We can't wait to see what you do as we were very impressed last term and we love receiving them.


Homework Grid


Monday 5th October 2020

Welcome to another fantastic  week in Year 3.

We would just like to say how much we love receiving all the photographs of your homework which are being sent in each week. to our email 
You are obviously enjoying the topic of Life in the Stone Age and we look forward to seeing what you produce every week. As you can see from the showcase presentation, some of you are very creative indeed!

This week in school we are learning:

Maths: Adding 10 and 100 to 2 and 3 digit numbers as well as continuing with place value.

Don't forget to practise your Beat that Maths sheets and your x tables for the weekly tests.

English: Continuing with The Three Little Pigs story, now creating a story map, using adjectives to add detail, as well as answering CLIMB questions.

Don't forget to read at home and record it in your reading record for us to check on Mondays and if you can try to practise the weekly spellings.

Topic: Learning about Neolithic carvings in stone

If you require any information about what is being taught, please don't hesitate to contact us and we feel our year 3 email address is the best way to do that.

Thank you for your continued support in these tricky times.

Mrs O'Brien, Miss Davis, Mrs Beswick and Miss Skillen


Monday 28th September 2020

Welcome to another fantastic week here at Prospect Hill Junior School!

We have been amazed at the lovely homework photos that have been sent to us over the last week. Thank you to all the adults who have supported us in helping the children at home. It is very much appreciated.

This week the children will be learning:

Maths: Place value up to 3 digits, so you may hear the words partitioning, and hundreds, tens and ones, (as well as trying to beat their Beat That Maths scores!)

English: The Three Little Pigs, retelling the story, describing the pigs houses and sequencing the story.

Topic: A continuation of researching cave paintings to create their final piece of art work.

P.E. Using outside agencies - Thoresby - Chris Dukes Friday afternoon

                                                Welbeck - Julie for Yoga Thursday afternoon

Let's have another brilliant week Year 3. We are so proud of you all!



Beat That Maths sheets

Here are the Beat that Maths sheets for you to practise at home. You do all know which sheet you are on, so get practising because it's worth it  as remember, you get a team point every time you beat your score!

Good luck everyone smiley

Monday 21st September 2020

Good morning Year 3 and we just wanted to say what a fantastic week we all had last week.  You are settling into Junior school life well.  We are all getting to grips with the Beat That Maths sheets (and beating best scores) as well as learning about The Stone Age boy in English.

In Maths this week, we are continuing to practise addition, subtraction and multiplication calculations.

In English we will be introducing CLIMB as a way of understanding the text we've read (comprehension) as well as giving an opinion on whether they have enjoyed the book.

Topic this week, is a continuation of our art work, learning how to make marks like the stone age people did and recreating a cave painting using twigs and leaves.


Don't forget to send in all your fantastic homework photos. We have been very impressed so far.

Well done smiley

Monday 14th September 2020

This week in school we are learning:


Maths: Place value and partitioning numbers, looking at the values of digits within a number.


English: Understanding when to use capital

letters and adjectives using The Stone Age Boy to link to our topic.



Welcome to the first homework grid of the year!

This half term , your homework is based on our topic of

Life in the Caves/Stone Age.

As you can see there are 8 activities for you to choose from and we expect you to complete one per week.

When you have finished your work send in a photo to our

Year 3 email address, which is


 So that we can produce a showcase of your work, please send your weekly photos in by these dates:

Monday 21st September

Monday 28th September

Monday 5th October and 

Monday 12th October


We can't wait to see what amazing things you produce

so have fun and get creative!




Homework Autumn 1

Homework Showcase Friday 11th September 2020

Well, what an amazing start we had last week!

You were all brilliant at learning all the new routines and systems we have in place, especially as you are all new to our school. We have been very impressed with everyone!


This week we will being using the book 

'AFTER THE FALL' by Dan Santat

to help us understand how we can start to overcome our fears. We have lots of interesting activities to do throughout the week so we hope you will enjoy it!


This will start properly next week, when we start our topic work, but for this week we would like a photograph of you reading a special book in your favourite place and upload it (by Friday) to our Year 3 email:


We are looking forward to another great week and if you have any queries please feel free to contact us via the above email.

With best wishes from

Mrs O'Brien, Miss Davis, Miss Skillen and Mrs Beswick (AKA the Year 3 team!) 

Welcome to all our Year 3 children

September 2020


Good morning everyone and we are so excited to welcome you all to school.


It is the start of a brilliant new term where we will be learning about



More information to follow - so keep looking!


Dear our wonderful year 3,


The time has come... The summer holidays are finally here to end a very strange year indeed! A strange one but a wonderful one, filled with many amazing memories of our times together. We couldn't end the year without a final few words from the year 3 staff so we have put together a little video for you below! We hope you enjoy!

A HUGE well done to each and every one of you - we are so proud of you all! You will make wonderful year 4's! 

A massive thank you also to all the adults for your ongoing support - we certainly couldn't do it without you! 

Enjoy the summer guys, stay safe, be happy and have fun!

Lots of love Mrs Pressley, Mrs O'Brien, Miss Skillen and Mrs Woodward xxxx

Goodbye Year 3

A huge well done to those of you that have sent in work this week for your transition tasks. We have thoroughly enjoyed looking through your year 3 memories work - what amazing times we have had! Look out for yourself and your friends who have written messages for you! 

As always year 3 - we are super proud of you!

Enjoy your weekend, here is your showcase...

Year 3 - Time to Reflect

Well year 3, it's clear to see you have really enjoyed your art week! Here is yet another fabulous showcase. Well done everyone!

Good Morning Year 3, it's another Monday morning, which means a brand new set of challenges for you to get stuck into. This week is art week and I know you're going to LOVE it! Below is your video clip where Mrs O'Brien will explain the art challenges she has set for you this week! It's going to be a colourful one! As always, we look forward to you emailing your work in to us ready for our showcase on Friday.

Enjoy your week of colour!

Art Week - Year 3


Another week where you have worked your socks off! A massive well done to you all. Again, Mrs O'Brien and I have enjoyed receiving all of your emails and seeing how creative you are with your weekly topic tasks. Many of you have taken part in the reading challenge too, which is brilliant. We are nearly at the end of the year, not long now until you can have a very well deserved rest, but for  now keep up the hard work... remember to check back on Monday for another week of exciting topic challenges and LBQ online Maths and English tasks. 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone... here is your showcase...

Daniel's powerpoint about Sherwood Forest

Jessie's powerpoint about her walk in Sherwood Forest

A HUGE well done and congratulations to our very own year 3 superstar Daniel Woolley!

Daniel has spent the majority of lock down shielding at home with his family due to a medical condition. He wasn't even allowed to go out for a walk for 12 whole weeks! That was until the beginning of June when the Government announced that some restrictions were being eased and Daniel was able to finally go for a walk.

Daniel was so overjoyed by this news that in order to celebrate he set himself a CHALLENGE! Daniel's challenge was to walk a whole 30 miles! Yes... 30 MILES! during the month of June.

Would you believe it... he only went and completed his challenge! WOW! What a fantastic achievement. Daniel really enjoyed the challenge and is so proud of himself, he's decided to do the exact same challenge again for July too! 

Daniel we are all so very proud of you, you really are a true inspiration. A HUGE well done for your amazing achievement!

Here is Daniel proudly showing off his lovely medal for his achievement...


Hello again Year 3!

Good Morning year 3 - take a look at this week's video to find out more about your tasks - this week they are all about a very famous place in our local area -


Don't forget to carry out your LBQ tasks each day too and remember your reading challenge entries need to be sent in via email by WEDNESDAY! 

We look forward to yet another fantastic week of your creativity.

Have a great week!

Sherwood Forest with Year 3

The Real Sherwood Forest

'The Real Sherwood Forest ' tells the epic tale of how a mighty and majestic forest has been a royal hunting forest, a hideout for outlaws like Robin Hood, t...

Well done on some super hard work again this week guys. I can see you've really enjoyed learning about the legend Robin Hood. Here is this week's showcase...

A message from Year 3

Robin Hood - Disney Story

It has been wonderful catching up with so many of you this week year 3. We are still so impressed by all your hard work and we LOVE receiving all your emails. Keep working hard and having a go at your LBQ tasks too -they are your important Maths and English skills that need to continue being practised. Here is your showcase from another fabulous week exploring the Rainforests...

Daniel's rainforests around the world

Jenson's deforestation interview

Still image for this video
Watch the wonderful Jenson be interviewed by his Mum and share his wealth of knowledge about deforestation of the rainforests.

Monday 15th June 2020

Hello everybody, welcome to another exciting week of exploring the world's rainforests. This week there are plenty more tasks to help you delve deeper into the remarkable rainforests. Get ready to use those geography skills, those art skills, those cooking/baking skills and a whole load more as you explore these amazing places further.

I can't wait to see what amazing work you do this week. Don't forget to email us in time for Friday's showcase. 

Keep working hard on your LBQ tasks too - we are very impressed with your efforts.

Also, why not have a go at our whole school reading challenge - remember there are prizes to be won!

Have a great week year 3!

Here is your AMAZING work on the Rainforests this week. There have been some very creative pieces indeed. Have a restful weekend and be ready for more Rainforest Adventures next week...

Heidi's Rainforest Parrot Factfile

Still image for this video

Rainforests by Daniel

Monday 8th June 2020

Good Morning Year 3, welcome to another wonderful week of exciting challenges. It's Geography week and this week we are flying around the world visiting some very exciting places along the way... THE RAINFOREST! EEEEEK! All of your tasks this week are all about the wonderful Rainforest - so get geographical, get creative, get artistic and let's explore together! 

Below you will find your power point to help you along and also a very interesting video clip too! We look forward to seeing your amazing work again this week - email us at ready for our showcase on Friday.

Have a fantastic week exploring the radiant rainforests!

Explore the Rainforest!

A short video clip for you to watch all about rainforests around the world. It's very interesting and will definitely help you along with your tasks this week...

Here is the power point document for this week to help you along...

Well Year 3 ... It seems a half term rest has done you all good! You have produced some very creative and informative work this week all about trees. It has once again been a pleasure to receive your emails and photographs. Thank you for continuing to work so hard. Here is this week's showcase...

Jessie Hurst - Trees

The amazing Jessie is back again with another fabulous video of her adventures. Reporting from Win Hill, Hope Valley


It feels lovely to be back with you virtually again. I hope you've all had a wonderful half term break spending time with your families in the lovely sunshine we've been having.

It's Monday again, so that means another exciting week of new topic challenges for you to get your teeth into. This week, we would like you to use lots of art and science skills. Your learning will be all about trees. You can choose to learn about a specific type of tree, or a specific tree perhaps in your garden/ nearby area if you wish. Below you will see the topic web with your task choices and the powerpoint to give you some inspiration if you need it. 

As always, we cannot wait to start receiving your emails again, so don't forget to send your wonderful work to us at

Remember to send it in by Friday so that it can be put into our Y3 gallery showcase.

Your online learning on LBQ is back up and running this week too, so look out for your codes and logon to complete your Maths and English tasks too.

Have a great week!

Powerpoint to help you along with this week's tasks...

Well Year 3 ... What can I say... It is clear to see you have all been 'buzzy' little bees this week carrying out all your amazing work on bees in celebration of these wonderful creatures. Once again Mrs O'Brien and I are SO SO SO impressed with your work. What a talented bunch you are. We are extremely proud of each and every one of you. A HUGE Thank you to all the adults as well who are doing a fantastic job of supporting the children whilst they are learning at home, we very much appreciate all of your efforts.

Have a lovely Half Term Break next week! We look forward to putting more challenges on the week after and once again seeing your never ending talents!

Well done year 3, here is your work from this week...

A Day in the Life of Hi-Dee Bee

Still image for this video
A story written and narrated by our lovely Heidi!

Tyler's Honey Cake Recipe - why not give it a try? It looks and sounds delicious!

Good morning Y3, our wonderful year 3 governor, Mrs Pashley has sent you all a little message on a postcard. Isn't that lovely? We are all very proud of you, keep up the fantastic work!

Hello there again year 3,

Another Monday means another fresh set of challenges for you to get stuck into!

This week all our learning will be about bees, not only does this link very well to our current topic 'Terrific Trees and Pollinating Plants', but it is actually

International Bee day on Wednesday 20th May.

We thought it would be a lovely way to celebrate these wonderful creatures if we dedicated all our work to them this week. Below are a selection of tasks for you to have a go at and as always the powerpoint link is there too should you need it. We always look forward to seeing your wonderful work emailed to us at Make sure to send it in before Friday 22nd May for our showcase gallery.

Love Mrs Pressley, Mrs O'Brien, Miss Skillen and Mrs Woodward

Powerpoint to help you with International Bee Day work

Year 3 showcase... OUTSTANDING work for science week year 3. Well done... Take a look at what you have been learning this week...

Daniels's water transportation experiment

Heidi has been looking after the plants in her garden...

Still image for this video

Elliot has been busy growing lavender this week, take a look at his work to show how he has been doing...

W.B 11.05.20

Science Week - Plants


Hi Year 3, welcome to science week. This week your learning is all about flowering plants and the science behind how they grow! Use the powerpoint to help you along with some of the tasks and see if you can have a go at the experiment I have included for you. Can you find any other plant/flower experiments to have a go at too? 

Use the E-book link below to help you with your learning - you will find some very useful and interesting information in here. Throughout the week you will also find some extra challenges on LbQ based around our science week to have a go at if you wish.

Keep working hard year 3, we are SO proud of you. We cannot wait to see your science work this week and show it all off in our gallery showcase on Friday 15th May. Remember to email it to us at 

Have a great week and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love Mrs Pressley, Mrs O'Brien, Miss Skillen and Mrs Woodward.


Year 3, yet again we are so impressed with your learning this week. You have blown us away. Here is your showcase...

Sienna's top 5 places to visit in Worksop

Still image for this video
Sienna has created this brilliant video all about some lovely places to visit in Worksop. Well done Sienna - a great top 5!

Brooke's British Sign Language

Still image for this video
Brooke has been busy learning British Sign Language this week, isn't she fantastic?

Week 2 Tasks - Geography - In and Around Your Local Area.


This week your tasks below are all about your local area. They are Geography based so your map skills will come in handy this week. See how many of the challenges you can complete and see how creative you can be with them.

As always, we look forward to being sent your work and photos to our Y3 email address:  by Friday ready for our showcase gallery on this page.

Remember there are also your LbQ English and Maths tasks each day online that we would like you to have a go at if you can.

Keep working hard year 3, you are AMAZING! Have Fun!

Here is the powerpoint with resources to help you with your Geography tasks this week... Enjoy!

Year 3... You are AMAZING! Look at all the fantastic things you have been doing this week. I can see many of you have enjoyed our Food Technology projects to kick start our new topic. Here are your creations...

Daniel has produced a Powerpoint Presentation about making healthy snack choices... take a look, it is very helpful! Well done Daniel


Dear Y3 Parents,

I have been made aware that over the last couple of days there has been an issue with LbQ Maths tasks online where the system has been skipping questions randomly. I have seen this also from my side of the system. I just wanted to make you aware that we are in the process of liaising with the LbQ company to rectify this problem. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We hope to get it sorted as soon as possible.

Thank you, as always, for your support and understanding,

Mrs Pressley.


Our new year 3 topic is being launched! Get ready to be creative, learn lots of new facts and have lots of fun as you delve into


We are kick starting our topic with some DT challenges below all based around Food Technology. Use the spider diagram below to help you choose some activities to have a go at. You can use the powerpoint attachment below as a handy tool with some fantastic resources to help you along the way.

Don't forget we love you to email us with photos of your work for our showcase reel at the end of the week.

Have a good week everyone!

The powerpoint attachment below has helpful resources and links to help you through your DT challenges this week! Have fun!

Just look at all our amazing year 3 superheroes! You've accomplished some fab challenges - well done!


We hope you have all had a nice Easter break and made the most of the sunny weather we have been having in your gardens!

It has been brilliant to hear from so many of you through our year 3 email system - we love seeing all your photos of all the exciting learning you have been doing. This week your adults will have received information of how to access some online activities for English and Maths - see if you can complete the daily challenges we will be setting for you. Also make sure you keep popping back to our class page because next week we will be kick starting our brand new year 3 topic! How exciting! There will be weekly challenges posted on here for you to get stuck into! 

Remember - keep working hard and having lots of fun!

Keep emailing us your photos and work to

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Mrs Pressley, Mrs O'Brien, Miss Skillen and Mrs Woodward.

Year 3...Look how busy you have been!

Welcome to Year 3!

We are excited to start our new topic called


This is based on discovering what life was like in the Stone Age.

We will covering lots of different aspects of the Stone Age through questions such as:

What types of rocks are there and what were they used for?

How did Stone Age people keep themselves warm?

What are the similarities and differences between homes/dwellings in my local area?

How do we know so much about life in the Stone Age?


We will be reading Stig of the Dump as well as The Stone Age boy, Ug - the boy Genius and How to Wash a Woolley Mammoth in English.

These are all linked to our topic too!