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Online Safety

SCAM ALERT - September 2022

Please be aware of a new phishing scam circulating via text messaging services and Whatsapp.

Click the image below to follow a link where more information is provided. 

What parents need to know about Netflix

Protecting Personal Data

Online content- Parent Discussions

Online Grooming

How to be Kind Online

Online Safety


The internet is a fantastic place overflowing with knowledge, games and communities ofpeople. The pupils here at Prospect Hill Junior School spend a great deal of time using the internet within school and at home. This is why it is important that our pupils learn how to be safe when browsing online and becoming members of online communities.


How safe are the sites, apps and games your child uses?


Run in partnership with O2, Net Aware offers parents useful information about each social network, including the age guidance for users. 


Visit Net Aware here for your guide to the social networks your children use.



Fortnite is a hugely popular game to play amongst older children and adults alike. 

Click on the image below for an 'all you need to know' article. 


Start conversations at home with some more "Your Choice or Mine" questions:


Do you need to ask before you…


…post a location on where you and family currently are?
…share a selfie of you with your best friend?
…upload a video of a family member doing something silly?
…add a friend to your family group chat?
…invite a new player to join your online gaming team?
…send a link to a friend of something controversial online?
…wish someone ‘happy birthday’ online?
…change the Wi-Fi password at home?
…give an app permission to see your contacts on your device?
…post a photo of your child on the first day of school?
…complete an online survey that asks questions about your family?
…use another family member’s account on a shared device?
…give out your friend’s phone number to a mutual friend?


Click here for the short film.


Stay up to date and keep your child safe in today's digital world


Talk to someone about online safety



If you have any concerns regarding online safety, please come and see Mr Aldread at school - please remember that we, as professionals have a duty of care to safeguard young people and their families and if we cannot help you, then we will direct you to someone who can. 


Whether you want to set up parental controls, adjust privacy settings or get advice on social networks, experts from the free O2 & NSPCC helpline are here to help.

0808 800 5002


We talk to children about crossing the road, bullying and speaking to strangers. But what about staying safe in the digital world?

Having regular conversations about what your child is doing online - just like you would their day at school - is the best way to keep them safe.

You'll be able to spot any problems, encourage them to come to you if they’re worried and make sure they know what’s ok to share online - and what’s not. 

Click here for more support and guidance relating to supporting your children to stay safe online. 


Digital Parenting Magazine:

Millions of families have received Vodafone’s Digital Parenting magazine for free since 2010 and the latest issue is available now!

Available online and given for free to schools and other organisations that work with young people; it’s packed with information and advice about bullying, peer pressure, screen time and much more. Why not take a look right now? Click on the link below: 


Safe searching

Searching for information can be tricky and if you have not got the safe search function

set you can get some unpleasant search results. Some good "kid safe" search engines are:



You should also think about setting up your own safety - see this link for more details

on setting up internet filtering and parental controls.



Online Safety in School @ Prospect


At Prospect our children learn about E-Safety through a scheme of lessons along withassemblies and workshops with parents. We also encourage parents/carers to talk to their children about how to behave safety when online, to ensure pupils remain safe when browsing at home.


Our children know to report any inappropriate content, contact or conduct they encounter online to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) by visiting this page and clicking our report button below.


Internet Safety Rap

Still image for this video
A video for Internet Safety Day 2018 by UK Safer Internet Center