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Year 4

Monday 22nd February 2021

Hello Year 4!

Welcome back to Spring Term Two - We hope you are all keeping safe and well. We were amazed by the superb work done last half term.

We have a very exciting term ahead of us and we can't wait to get started. 

 This week in Maths, we begin our work on time. In English set 1 will be grammar based and set 2 will begin a sequence of work on persuasive texts.  In Topic we are  learning about Roman beliefs and earthquakes. 

We would like to continue to  give all children the opportunity to have some time on Wednesday and Friday afternoons away from any screens therefore we will continue with Wellbeing Wednesday and Feel Good Friday this half term.

Just another reminder Google Meets will remain at the same time as last term. 

We look forward to hearing from you all soon :)

 Don't forget to do some P.E and well-being activities daily.    Please email work daily to

This week we will have a Google Meet session on MondayWednesday and Friday

These sessions are an opportunity for the class to see each other, discuss the week's learning, introduce tasks and competitions and share our best work!

Please copy the meeting link into Google search or add the code to Google Meet and join!

Please see codes below for your class. The same code will be used for all 3 days.


Osberton class 11am until 11.20am                 



Sherwood Class 11.30am until 11.50am              


"Epic" reading 

If you are struggling with reading at home due to lack of resources, we have signed up to a collection of e-books provided by Epic Reading.

The first thing you'll need to do is to download the app Epic on a tablet or phone, or visit on a computer or laptop. 



Click here for a direct link



Once there, click on class code and enter wru1656. Click on your name and there you have it!


Browse through the library to find a book or comic you're interested in and simply swipe to read. If you have any issues or questions, please email Happy reading!



Virtual Take 5- please click here to access the virtual Take 5 videos. 


Please click on the subject links for this week's learning


Monday 22nd February 2021




Set 1




Set 2                                                 PE with Joe Wicks 





Watch the video clip using this link and use the information in the PowerPoint to complete either the bronze, silver or gold task.


Tuesday 23rd February 2021




Set 1                                                      




Independent Research task- How were Roman beliefs similar to those of the Ancient Greeks? Using what you already know about Ancient Greeks and Romans plus some research, create a poster to show the similarities between what they believed.



  Set 2

                                               PE - imoves  Class I.D:36389 

                                                                                    password: Head      



Wednesday 24th February 2021




Set 1



Screen-free afternoon! The Power of Yet! 

             This activity will be explained during Google Meet

     Set 2

                                      PE  with Joe Wicks      

Giraffe template just incase you need it.


Thursday 25th February 2021




Set 1



BQ: What are earthquakes and how can people stay safe? The PowerPoint below contains video links and the task for this lesson.


Set 2

                                            PE - imoves - class I.D. 36389

                                                                password: Head     

The powerpoint for Thursday's Geography lesson


Friday 26th February 2021


Set 1

                                              PE with Joe Wicks 

Set 2





We have a special Feel Good Friday challenge this week! We would like you to draw a face on card and then go in your garden or for a walk and make your own creative face. We have included some examples below. Remember to send us a photo so that we can put them together in a gallery!

Mrs Cartwright's examples done this morning!


?C - This week's extra challenges



If you have completed all your work and still want an extra challenge, here are some that are related to this week's work:

-Practise your times tables by creating multiplication flowers by following this link to a video.    

- Research some of the words most severe earthquakes ever recorded.

-Create a fact file about earthquakes.


Don't forget to send in  your finished work to