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Year 6

Prospect Hill Junior School Leavers 2020

Time to say Goodbye...

Well year 6, we have made it to the end of a very strange year, however it is an ending which has left the staff so proud of every single one of you! 

Please watch the video below for a personal message from the Y6 team...

Goodbye Year 6


Please click the logo above to access the Outwood Academy Valley website to find an important letter from the Academy regrading September and important timings and information!

The links are on the main page and look like this


Transition Q & A’s


Q: How many ability groups are there?

A: There are no ability groups in Year 7


Q:What happens if you are late for school or class?

A: In the first couple of weeks there will be understanding that you are getting used to the school and learning where everything is. After this settling in period, if you are late for school or class, consequences will be given. In September, different year groups need to arrive at set times and at a specific entrance - all this information can be found in the letter from Outwood Academy Valley if you click the link above.


Q: Who do I speak to if I'm being bullied?

A: Any teacher or member of staff in school can be spoken to, but the learning manager of Year 7 next year is Mrs Ostle. She can be seen on the 'Virtual Tour' video on the Outwood website.


Q: What do I do if I feel scared, sick or nervous?

A: Any teacher or member of staff in school can be spoken to, but the learning manager of Year 7 next year is Mrs Ostle. She can be seen on the 'Virtual Tour' video on the Outwood website. There is always support at the academy to help any pupil settle in, manage their concerns and contact home if feeling unwell.


Q; How do they register?

A: Every lesson has its own register, teachers will register at the start of each session. Parents are contacted if a child fails to register for any of their lessons


Q: Are clubs free?

A: yes - but there will only be a limited amount of clubs in September


Q: Will you get a list of equipment?

A: Yes, the list went live on the website on Monday along with other important information regarding uniform collection, first day etc,


Q: How much homework per week?

A: Most teachers will try and compete all work in class, however, some homework will be set to consolidate learning and can be used as a revision tool. Some lessons, such as Science, will set a project, for example, “Create a mini eco system”. You would normally have until the end of the half term to complete a task like this.


Q: Can we have phones in school?

A: Yes, but it MUST be turned off and in the bottom of your bag.


Q: Punishment for phones?

A: Yes, if you are caught using your phone or your phone goes off during a lesson, it will be confiscated, put into the school safe, a parent/carer will have to collect it at the end of the day and a half hour detention will be sanctioned - failure to attend detention results in an hour detention, failure to attend this will lead to isolation.


Q: Watch?

A: Watches are allowed but NO fitbit/smart/Apple watch allowed – sanctions as above


Q: VMG – mixed year groups or not?

A: There will be no VMG. Students will stay in their year group bubbles; year 7 tutor period will be first thing in the morning.


Q: When will they be told about which language they have been allocated?

A: On the first day you will be given your timetables, at that point you will discover which language you have.


Q: Uniform – is it going to be normal?

A: Yes, at the moment there is no plan to change – should government guidelines change, then parents/carers will be informed


Additional information:

Children will have praising stars every half term. This is an assessment criterion for each subject and the results are shared with parents/carers to inform of progress, effort level and the child’s predicted outcome in the final year.


We have been contacted by Outwood Academy Valley with information regarding changes to the timings for next year and an exciting online insight into how lessons at the academy work. Please have a look below:

Year 7 students should arrive between 08:00 and 8:20 using the main reception entrance, wash or santise their hands and make their way into the Atrium.
•  A movement bell will sound at 08:20
• Tutor Period – 08:25 – 08:45
• Period 1 : 08:45 – 09:45
• Period 2: 09.45 – 11:00 including a short break at 10:15     
• Period 3: 11:00 – 12:00
• Period 4: 12:00 – 12:30
• Lunch : 12:30 – 13:00
• Period 4 continues: 13:00 – 13:30
• Period 5: 13:30 – 14:30
• Enrichment: exit via Main Reception, next to the main car park (hand washing facilities available)  - a limited range of enrichment will be provided between 14:30 and 15:30

.As you know last week the Y6 students would have spent 2 days at Outwood Academy Valley as part of their transition and would have experienced a number of lessons.  Although this has not been possible, the Academy departments have each produced  a transition lesson, some using video, some Google Slides and history is a PowerPoint. They have added these lessons to their transition website and hope that you will have time to look at them before the end of term. 

The direct link to the transition lessons is:  

Transition - Year 6 - Week 2

Please find the tasks below for our 2nd week of transition tasks. There is also the PowerPoint and clues sheets for this week Murder Mystery Maths Challenge being investigated in school - see if you can solve the clues to find the murderer!!!

The answer sheet for the clues will be released on Friday with the showcase.

Year 6 - Transition - Week 2

Transition Week 1 - Showcase!

Thank you so much for all your hard work this week and taking the time to reflect on your precious memories at Prospect. Sorry for the late showcase this week - blame BT!

It was fantastic to deliver your hoodies last week - please email us a picture of you wearing your hoodies with PRIDE!

As the transition work this week was very personal to each one of you, we are going to showcase your doodle memory pages. Please take a look at each others below and see if other doodle pages bring back memories you may not have thought about.

Take care and stay safe,

Mr Hind and Miss Savage xx

Transition Week 1

Welcome to Transition Week 1 - all of the work for this week will be completed by the children learning in school and it is available here for the children remote learning at home. Please watch the following video from Miss Savage and Mr Hind to explain more...

Transition - Year 6 - Week 1

Rainforest Trials Week #Get Your Game On!

What a fantastic week of skills and trials! You've shown some amazing talents throughout the week, both in school and at home.

We've seen fantastic balance, great flexibility, wonderful stillness, speedy face muscle skills and accuracy combined with great concentration!

Please have a look at the whole year group effort below in our weekly challenge compilation video:

(Please make sure you also see the reading challenge showcase on the main class page and the Sporting Challenge to keep you fit and active over the next 3 weeks...)

Year 6 #Get Your Game On Compilation

#Get your game on with Year 6

Rain Forest Trials PowerPoint and Maths/English PowerPoints being studied in school this week

How to balance a water bottle on your head!


Best of the #getontheground Challenge


The X Factor does the Mannequin Challenge! | The X Factor UK 2016


Minute To Win It - Face The Cookie


Minute To Win It - Shoe Fly Shoe


Rain Forest Music Showcase

Thank you so much Year 6 for your music topic work entries this week. There is some amazing talent out there and we can't wat to share some with you. We've received images that have been created whilst listening to the music, raps performed, comedy sketches, re-written lyrics to Shotgun and some fantastic piano playing - all of which can be seen below.

Please make sure you visit on Monday when the Rain Forest Daily Trials begin...

Harvey May Beach Buggy Boogie

Harvey May Ballade Pour Adeline


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

A message from Year 6

Relaxing Music - Flute, Gentle Birds and Rainforest Sound

Rain Sound and Rainforest Animals Sound - Relaxing Sleep

Rainforest Song

The Rain Forest Song

Hanging Bridge Showcase

Another fantastic week Year 6 with so much learning taking place! We've had wonderful work and photos sent in too. We've enjoyed seeing your model bridges, your bridge testing, your writing, many parties, wonderful food and some early evidence for our Whole School Reading challenge which ends on the 1st July

Please take a look below at this week's fabulous showcase:




Amazon Hanging Bridges Task Week

This week, we'd like you to learn about the Amazon Hanging Bridges. These structures enable transport between the trees and are a type of suspension bridge, which is a bridge design that is used all over the world! Please watch the 3 YouTube videos below to learn about these bridges and there structure and to have instructions about how to make your own model suspension bridge using everyday items.

You can then see a choice of activities to challenge yourself with, including research, design and construction!

We can't wait to see all your wonderful work - please push yourself to complete as many tasks as you can!

Mr Hind and Miss Savage

The VAST JUNGLE of Arenal Costa Rica (Hanging Bridges)

Napo Hanging Bridge and Amazon in Bohol?

Suspension Bridge Tutorial

Deforestation Showcase

A huge WELL DONE year 6 for all the fantastic work and photos you have been sending in this week. We've had outstanding art, creative ideas, persuasive letters, detailed models and factual posters and fact sheets from many of you. We've had pictures of you relaxing at home and out and about getting fresh air! We are also very excited to offer you a leavers Hoodie free of charge - so please see the information above and let us know your size and initials!

Please take a look below at the showcase slideshow:

Enjoy your weekend,

Mr Hind and Miss Savage xx

Deforestation Task Week

We've recently been learning about the wonders of the Rainforest and all it's beauty and wonderful natural delights. Unfortunately it's at threat of being totally destroyed through a process known as DEFORESTATION.

This week, we'd like you to learn more about this process and present your learning through a choice of activities to be showcased on the website on Friday. Please watch the 3 YouTube videos below to learn about this process, why it takes place and most importantly the effects it has on the wildlife that lives there and the environment and world we live in.

We can't wait to see all your wonderful work - please push yourself to complete as many tasks as you can!

Mr Hind and Miss Savage

Deforestation Effects on Climate

Deforestation Animation

NEW! How could you help the planet? | Learn about deforestation with Superzoo team

Today in Kit's learning corner we will learn what deforestation is! Do you know the great importance that trees have for our planet? They are the shield that...

Please use the PowerPoint link below to find more information, templates and useful guidance for some of the tasks.

Creative Writing Week Showcase

Thank you so much Year 6 for all the wonderful work sent in this week. We've absolutely loved reading your creative letters, where your imaginations are fantastic and have taken us on adventures throughout a variety of different places.

We've received written letters, typed letters, performed letters, daily letters from the same children, photos of other exciting things you've been up to.

Below you'll discover a showcase of images, a gallery of your fantastic letters to read and even links to watch the children who have performed their letters.

Thank you so much again and please be ready next week, when we begin to explore the devastation and reasons behind DEFORESTATION!

Please click on the images below to see our performed letters:



Year 6 Outwood Academy Transition Information

Please find information and links below to transition information which has been produced by Outwood Academy Valley and Portland regarding Year 6 transition.


Outwood Academy Valley

Outwood Academy Valley has released a web page with two section for students and parents/carers as seen in the image below:

The website serves as an information site about the Academies and also includes a virtual tour video to allow the children to be guided around the building and be introduced to key members of the Academy staff.

The pupil section allows the children to receive information from the following sections:

The parent and carers sections has the following sections to look at:

Outwood Academy Portland

Outwood Academy Portland's website page provides links within the text to answer your questions.

These links will allow you to access a virtual tour of the building, meet the Senior Leadership team and Heads Of Department as well as accessing a wonderful virtual timetable, as seen in the image below:

Please find the links below:

Outwood Academy Valley Link - Click here

Outwood Academy Portland Link - Click here

Creative Writing Task Week


Dear Year 6,
                    We are really missing you lots, but we won’t be in again today because we are off to visit the Amazon Rainforest.

Yesterday, we rode an elephant through the forest, it was truly breath taking to see.

Unfortunately, we did have a slight run in with a crocodile- we had to wrestle with it, because he was trying to eat our snacks! (Mr Hind does not share food).
This evening, we are hoping to build a shelter and camp out under the stars. I hope there are not too many creepy crawlies- Mr Hind gets very scared!

Hope you can visit the Amazon one day too!
We will write again soon.
Take care
Miss S and Mr H


Over to you...

Year 6
Please write us a letter, telling us about your day!
We know everyday is very much the same at the moment, you can use your imagination and come up with tall tales about why you are not in school! The stranger and the sillier, the better. You can illustrate your letter too, you can record yourself reading it and or send it is for showcase!

We look forward to showcasing your imaginative letters! You can submit a letter everyday if you want!!

Year 6 - Fun in the Sun Video

Thank you for all the wonderful photos send in. Please click the link below, which takes you to the video on YouTube.

This Video is an unlisted video and can not be searched for. It can only be accessed through this link.

Year 6 Video Link 

Half Term Photo Challenge!


Please complete by Thursday 28th May

Complete the caption with a photo-

“We are all in this together-so let’s have fun!”

You need to send us 1 photo that shows us some of the fun you are having- in the sun, outdoors, at home with your family!

No comment needed just a photo capturing a special moment for you!

We would love everyone in the year group to complete this task and we are going to make a super showcase for Friday 29th May!

Myself, Miss Savage and Mrs Brayford will also being completing the task!

We cannot wait to see you all!


A huge thank you to Brandy for these wonderful portraits of the Year 6 team - they really made us happy xx

Fairtrade Week Showcase


Thank you so much for all your wonderful work and pictures sent in this week. We've had Fairtrade baking, outdoor activities, logos, posters, stories and much more. Please see the showcase below and enjoy next week.

Well Done again Mr Hind and Miss Savage xx

Fairtrade Task week

Welcome to Fairtrade week, where we would love you to learn about Fairtrade around the world, which is especially linked to areas like the Rainforest. There are 3 wonderful YOUTUBE videos to help support your understanding and many tasks to choose from to showcase you learning. Not only can you learn about Fairtrade, but more importantly, how it impacts on the lives of different people all around the world.

Have fun and enjoy your learning, as we look forward to seeing and sharing your hard work and efforts in Friday's Showcase!

Please use the PowerPoint link below to find more information, templates and useful guidance for some of the tasks.

Art Week Showcase!

Thank you all so much for all the wonderful work that has been sent in this week. We've been amazed with your leaf printing, Henri Rousseau reproductions, John Dyer style artwork, poems, sewing and model making plus much, much more. Please look below at the images you've been sending in.

Look out for next week's Fair Trade themed work...

A Special Poem For Our Year 6 Children

Please click on the link below

Art Task Week

Welcome to Art week, where we have a variety of wonderfully creative tasks for you to choose from this week and send us pictures so we can showcase your work on Friday. Choose from 2 different artists to study and recreate their Rainforest themed work or why not re-design an old T-shirt by using natural ingredients and a new fun tie-dyeing technique - these are some of the tasks shown below.

So have fun, be creative and we look forward to seeing your work!

Please use the PowerPoint links below to find images and guidance for some of the Art tasks. We have also included more information and examples of Henri Rousseau's work for you to study.

Friday Showcase

Thank you for all your wonderful work this week and we really enjoyed seeing some birthday pictures too. Please have a look at the slideshow below to see some of the science work we've been sent in throughout the week.

Remember to take a look at the website next Monday, as we launch our Art section of the Rainforest remote learning.

Take care, be safe and have fun!

Science Task Week


Welcome to our Science week! Have a look below to find a range of exciting tasks to develop your scientific knowledge and test your investigating skills. Have fun learning how the animals and plants of the Rainforest exist together and learn how the Rainforest has it's own unique ecosystem to sustain and support itself. Most importantly - HAVE FUN! Don't forget to email your photos to so we can showcase your work next Friday right here on the website.

Please use the PowerPoint link below to find images, websites and guidance for some of the science tasks.


Friday Showcase - Friday 1st May 2020

Amazing work and photos received this week, showing us what wonderful projects you're completing at home. It's fantastic to see the DT activities you've been doing, which were set on this page on Monday. Please have a look at the slideshow below and check the page on Monday to find your Science tasks for the week. Have a good weekend and stay safe and be happy!

DT task week - Rainforest

Please have a look below at some fantastic design and technology tasks to keep you active, creative and entertained! Please choose from the tasks below and don't forget to share your work with us using the year 6 email address.

Send pictures of your work to us by Friday 1st May and see if you can get on the showcase slideshow at the end of the week!

Please use the PowerPoint link below to find images and websites to give you some support and guidance for some of the DT.

Most importantly - Have Fun!

Amazing to receive your Superhero Projects and pictures of what you're getting up to!

Have a look at some of these below:


Welcome to the Summer Term!


We know that things feel a little strange at the moment but we're so proud of you for staying safe and positive during this time and for keeping yourself busy and active! 


We love hearing from you and seeing what you've been doing. Keep emailing photos to and we will showcase as many as we can - updating them each Friday!


This week we're launching "Learning by Questions" which is a great app for practicing our Maths and English. All you need is the internet and a device like a phone, tablet or laptop (see the letter on the website for more details). 


Each day we will be texting you a code which takes you to 3 activities chosen by us: Maths, Reading and Grammar  Get as far as you can. The app gives you feedback and handy hints, if you don't get it right first time. You may not reach the end but 20 minutes on each will give your brain a really good workout!


Next week we will be launching our new topic: Rainforest and Deforestation (very exciting!) where each week you will have a selection of fun and creative tasks to choose from and don't forget the Superhero competition gets judged this Friday!


Good Luck!

Mr Hind and Miss Savage x x x

Attack on All Fronts

Welcome to Year 6!

We are really looking forward to studying our new Topic - Attack on All Fronts!

We will be looking at all aspects of World War 2, through a broad range of curriculum areas.

Our year group text is Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll, this book is linked to our year group topic.

Over the term we will-

  • See how the War impacted on the local area and globally
  • Study key dates in history surrounding World War 2
  • Find out about the lives of people and how the war impacted on their lives forever
  • We will be developing our Historical and Geographical skills and knowledge