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To value and respect everyone in our school, in our community, and globally

  • Positivity
  • Resilience
  • Opportunities
  • Understanding
  • Determination

Year 6

Year 6 - World War 2 

History Museum

Well done to all the year 6 children that took the time to complete their History research homework. We have really enjoyed listening to your stories, seeing your photographs and studying your research. We cannot wait to make a display in school. Below are some of the photographs from the presentations, we will add more next week!

Well done to the Year 6 children, that completed their termly homework again. You have all developed your adverb knowledge, comprehension understanding, arithmetic recall and produced research presentations on WW2.

The children have received their achievement certifiate today and we have celebrated their success this afternoon.

Sparkle and Shine Dance Tutorial!!

This is the dance for AHS Felbrigg talent show 2019!! Please learn this at home for the show!!

    • Autumn 2 - Homework
    • Today the children will be coming home with their homework resources for the next half term
    • We will still be expecting a piece to be submitted every Thursday
    • All information is in their resource pack
    • Overview and weekly expectations are below

    Friday 8th October 2021

    We have nearly completed our first half term in Year 6.

    We are very proud of how organised, you are all becoming.

    Next Thursday, is our Homework celebration, where we will celebrate the homework achievements from this half term.


    Friday 8th October 2021

    Marvellous Me Merit

    The children were nominated for many reasons today.

    Resilience in meeting personal targets, positivity, supporting peers, determination and understanding!

    Well done - we are very PROUD!

    Year 6 

    Friday 1st October 2021

    An amazing week in Year 6 - the children have shown great resilence in tackling a range of problems in Maths, we have enjoyed being challenged at Times Table Rockstars,  we have broadened our knowledge of WW2 and produced some outstanding Postcards in English. We are still enjoying reading  Letters from the Lighthouse.

    The children have created a Blitz image using paint and collage skills to create a silhouette of a London landmark. - we hope you like them!


    Marvellous Me Nominations

    Well done to the children who were all nominated this week!

    We had lots of reasons -Resilience, Positivity, Commitment, Contributions and for taking on new Responsibilities in Year 6.

    Marvellous Me Nominations

    Well done to the children who were all nominated this week!

    We had lots of reasons - positivity, commitment, contributions and being Super Learners!


    Friday 17th September 2021

    This week- the children were nominated for wonderful reasons!

    The teachers and the class, had noticed these children were amazing role models, showing lots of positivity and always contributing to lessons and loving learning!

    Well done to all of you yesyesyes


    Monday 6th September - Friday 10th September 2021

    WOW Year 6 - What an action packed week we have had!

    We have developed our written calculation skills, started reading our class text Letters from the Lighthouse, learnt about key events that led to WW2 starting and the children have shown how organised they are becoming in handing in homework, learning spellings and being super readers!

    A great start to Year 6!laughlaughlaugh

    These children have all been nominated for a Marvellous Me Merit

    by the teacher and the class this week.

    These children were nominated for their commitment, resilience, positivity and for their contributions to all aspects of learning.

    WELL done we are very PROUD!

    Year 6 Homework - Autumn 1 2021

    Attack on All Fronts

    We are really looking forward to studying our new Topic - Attack on All Fronts!

    We will be looking at all aspects of World War 2, through a broad range of curriculum areas.

    Our year group text is Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll, this book is linked to our year group topic.

    Over the term we will-

    • See how the War impacted on the local area and globally
    • Study key dates in history surrounding World War 2
    • Find out about the lives of people and how the war impacted on their lives forever
    • We will be developing our Historical and Geographical skills and knowledge




    We are so excited to start our Autumn Term with everyone.

    What an amazing first week everyone had in Year 6 and our Team building day Friday was wonderful!

    You all showed some excellentTeam skills, amazing resilience, positive values and had incredible understanding of how to apprach tasks together - you definitely made us all PROUD!

    The children had to put their hands into Mystery Boxes, complete Bushtucker Trials, answer questions in a Snakes and Vines quiz, compete against each other in Frog Tig, Stick insect Tag, Elephant relays, play Beetle drive, Bug Bingo, complete a Scavenger trail and finally collect water for Dingo dollars!

    They collected team credits throughout the day and one team took the overall title of

    I'm a Year 6 Get me into Here 2021 Winners!


    Please have a look below at some of the highlights from the day!